Happy Memorial Day & A Reader Survey!

I’m keeping things short and sweet today. Last weekend started an 8 weekend stint of travel, weddings, and visitors. It’s gonna be a crazy start to the summer to say the least!

I’m leaving early tomorrow morning for a bachelorette party in DC (#murica) … hence why this post is coming to you on Thursday. Make sure you follow along on my Instagram! We have a jam packed itinerary, but I am most excited about going the wineries in Virginia. And of course, I am packing lots of snacks ;)

Road Trip Snacks and a Reader Survey - strawberries, Wella Bar, coconut fat balls, CHOMPS sticks, Justin's almond butter, kombucha | hungrybynature.com

I’m bringing some fresh fruit and a Wella Bar to eat at the airport in the morning. Plus CHOMPS sticks and almond butter when I need a protein boost throughout the day. Coconut fat balls to serve as a snack or dessert. And some booch!

Can you do me a favor?

I would appreciate it so much if you took 3 minutes to fill out my reader survey. Your answers will help me provide you with better recipes and content throughout the rest of the year! And it would mean so much to me.

Thank you and Happy Memorial Day weekend! xo, Ellie






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