Holiday Gift Guide: For the Chef

My chef gift guide is here – find everything you need for the chef including a cast iron skillet, dutch oven, and zester!

Do you have a foodie that you are buying gifts for this year? Or are you buying yourself a Christmas gift? (Note: I’m over here raising my hand!) All of my essentials for the chef are rounded up on this list. And while I love all of the baking goods I shared with you on Monday, I think I like today’s list better – my chef gift guide!

Happy gifting!

My chef gift guide is here - find everything you need for the chef including a cast iron skillet, dutch oven, and zester!

2016 Holiday Gift Guide – For the Chef

  1. Cast Iron Skillet – My most used skillet is my cast iron. I was pretty intimidated when I first got it; but now I’m in love! I love a cast iron for cooking steaks, burgers, and pork chops in the winter when I can’t use my grill. I have a 12 inch for savory foods and a 10 inch for sweets!
  2. Recipe Box – I am such a sucker for anything made by Rifle Paper Co. I received this gorgeous recipe box a few years ago for Christmas and it’s where I keep all of my favorite recipes.
  3. Classic Knife Set – Having sharp knives is vital for a home chef. I love my Wustof knife set!
  4. Pantry Storage Set – I’m an organizational freak. I love organizing things and love tools to help me stay organized. I keep all of my dry goods in clear containers because a pantry can get cluttered so easily. Mine are labeled so I know exactly what and how much I have at all times.
  5. Dutch Oven – You can make anything in a dutch oven! I love it for making large batches of stock or soup or risotto or really  just. about. anything.
  6. Smitten Kitchen Cookbook – Smitten Kitchen was the first food blog that I ever read and have been a religious reader ever since. When Deb came out with her first cookbook, I knew I needed to have it. And so do YOU.
  7. Olive Oil and Vinegar Dispenser – These sleek glass bottles are perfect for sitting right on your counter making it easy to add olive oil and vinegar to any recipe without accidentally pouring too much.
  8. Zester – I’m obsessed with my zester. I use it for zesting citrus and it is wonderful for grating fresh spices like nutmeg!
  9. Epicurean Cutting Board – I recently purchased this set of cutting boards for myself after a friend recommended them. And after reading the reviews, I was sold! These cutting boards are made from a wood composite that is not porous and easy on your kitchen knives.
  10. Food Processor – This food processor is my most used kitchen appliance by far! I use it almost everyday to make smoothies, hummus, energy bites, and more.

P.S. Looking to build the ultimate gift basket?? My friend Jess has you covered – check out her tricks!

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7 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: For the Chef

  1. Kalee

    I love a cast iron skillet! Growing up and living in Tennessee they are a cooking-must. I’m bummed I can’t use it much in the winter because of my cooktop, but it works great on my grill and when you bake in it. Awesome gift ideas!!

  2. jess larson | playswellwithbutter

    gurl. yes, yes, yes. cast iron skillets make THE BEST gifts, & my zester is my bae (legit use it every day)…nothing minces garlic better. love love love the recipe card box! what a cutie!

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