Cupcakes and Cocktails // Chicago Series

I’m starting my Chicago Series with you today and am so excited! From time to time, I will be posting reviews of restaurants and activities around Chicago. Most of the reviews will be food related, and today I am starting with Cupcakes and Cocktails!

Let’s dig in!

Chicago Series: Cupcakes and Cocktails Review

A few weeks ago, I attended a cupcake decorating class hosted by Cupcakes and Cocktails founder and owner Brittney McCoy. I was in a small class of only five students; which was wonderful because we were all able to ask Brittney lots of decorating questions. And trust me, I had a LOT… #nodecoratingskillz

We were first taught how to use two different piping tips. I loved this! I’m embarrassed to tell you that the set of piping tips and frosting bags I received as a wedding gift has yet to be used. After class, I really felt like I had a better grasp on how to use these tips and to use them properly. And now I cannot wait to use them at home!

Chicago Series: Cupcakes and Cocktails Review

Once we knew the basics, we were set loose. Each student was provided with 6 vanilla cupcakes and we were able to decorate them however we wanted. I opted for a Chicago flag on my first cupcake and love how it turned out!

Do you know what the flag stands for? The three white areas represent the North, South, and West sides of the city. The top blue stripe stands for Lake Michigan and the north branch of the river; the bottom stripe stands for the south branch and the canal. Each of the four stars stands for a major event in Chicago history – Fort Dearborn, Great Chicago Fire, Colombian Exposition, and Century of Progress. Pat took me to the Chicago history museum before I moved here and still remember what each part stands for – that was over 5 years ago! Needless to say, I’m proud.

Chicago Series: Cupcakes and Cocktails Review

In addition to cupcake decorating classes, Cupcakes and Cocktails is a dessert catering company. And get this… they specialize in alcohol infused cupcakes! Ummmm I think you need these in your life. Or maybe I just need them in my life? Either. Or both. Definitely both.

There are a variety of flavors – and you can choose any type of alcohol you would like infused. I’m thinking the Chocolate Fix with Kahlua or the Lemony Lemon with a little tequila would be perfect!

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I had a really fun time deciding how I wanted to decorate each cupcake. I went to my favorite source for inspiration and it did not disappoint! Cookie Monster turned out better than I had hoped and I couldn’t help but bring my favorite emoji to life.

Chicago Series: Cupcakes and Cocktails Review

If you’re looking for a sweet treat or a fun activity, Cupcakes and Cocktails is for you!

A big thank you to Brittney for inviting me to attend a class and thank you for supporting Hungry by Nature!


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  1. Emily

    Ooh wow that would be so neat to do a class on decorating; you made such a cute cupcake. I love cupcakes because they are such a cute, easy way to eat cake.


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