Hello and welcome!  I am so happy you found my little corner of the internet.

ellie founder of hungry by nature in her kitchen


Hi! I’m Ellie and I love food. I love making it, baking it, eating it, sharing it, and talking about it.

My approach to food is simple – eat healthy, whole, natural foods and always leave room for dessert!

I was diagnosed with my first autoimmune disease at age 17 – isolated scleroderma. But it wasn’t until a Raynaud’s diagnosis at age 20 and a Celiac diagnosis at age 28 that I decided to make dietary changes to improve my autoimmune symptoms and end my suffering.

In January 2017, I completed my first Whole30 and it transformed the way I look at food and fuel my body. Since then, I have adapted a Paleo diet – omitting gluten, grains, legumes, and dairy – and have truly experienced the healing power of food.

I find joy by creating delicious foods on a restricted diet and sharing them with you! My recipes are entirely gluten free, grain free, dairy free, and free of legumes. For those that are struggling with autoimmune diseases and are looking to end your suffering with the healing power of food – Hungry by Nature is for you!

Hungry by Nature chronicles my time in the kitchen and my journey to health. I hope it inspires you to take charge of your health and your autoimmune diseases by eating nutritious foods and indulging in your sweet tooth. Grab a bottle of booch, pull up a chair, and stay awhile.


‘Hungry by Nature’ is about balance and moderation. In addition to it being a clever title (I am always hungry!), it is about feeding your physical hunger with natural foods and wholesome ingredients. It is about feeding your intellectual hunger to learn and to grow. Hungry by Nature is about moving forward, constantly learning, and never settling.ellie founder of hungry by nature granola with her original grain free granola
ellie founder of hungry by nature


An assortment of wholesome and indulgent paleo and AIP friendly recipes. (Note: Recipes posted before my Celiacs diagnosis in December 2016 may include gluten and those posted prior to May 2017 are not strictly paleo.)
Insight into how dietary choices affect autoimmune diseases and their symptoms.
Musing of my life in Chicago with my husband Pat.
And hopefully inspirations for you to live a balanced life!

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